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Rebecca is home, thank you all!!!

My daughter, Rebecca Briggs, was kidnapped by her non custodial 
mother, Theresa Endicott.  I have custody of Rebecca.  I have 
spent a large portion of the last part of 1998 looking for 
Rebecca, and trying to clear my name of false allegations made
by Theresa Endicott.

Theresa was served a "writ of habeus corpus" on November 20th 1998, 
a Friday.  This is a court order demanding the return of Rebecca
to the state of Washington.

November 23rd 1998, I was served an injunction while I waited in 
a court room in Lincolnton NC. Lincoln county judge Larry Wilson
did not let me speak, but told me that Rebecca would only be 
returned to Washington state when an official from Child 
Protective Services (CPS) in Wenatchee WA was able to take 
custody of Rebecca in North Carolina.

An attorney for Department of Social Services in Lincolnton NC
was suppose to approve such an order "expeditiously".  Weeks later
after there was still not an order issued to return Rebecca to
her home, CPS in Wenatchee said they were not going to pick
up Rebecca.  December 20th 1998, CPS Wenatchee sent me a 
letter telling me that their investigation was complete.  Their
findings were "non conclusive".  Meanwhile Rebecca was turned 
over to Theresa's parents in Vale NC.  

The Lincoln county and Catawba county sheriff's departments were
professional, and courteous to me while I was in NC looking for 
Rebecca. I thank them for the great job they did, and continue to

It is the Department of Social Services that has shown an obvious 
bias against me.  DSS of Lincoln county has ignored court orders
of Washington state, and returned little Rebecca to the house of
hate. They continue today to delay the process of returning a 
child to her proper home.

In the coming months I will link pages with the documents 
concerning this injustice.  Please check back for updates.

*** MARCH 2000 ***
Rebecca is home and has adjusted well.  She just turned 6 years old.
Thank you all for your prayers and kind words.

Theresa Endicott was never charged with a crime. I was awareded full Custody in January 2000.

Theresa is now bieng sought by the state of Washington for current and back child support.

Her current where abouts are unknown.

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