This is my daughter, she was kidnapped by her mother in July 1998. >>>>UPDATE<<<<< 3-10-99 Rebecca is home now. It has been a long road, dealing with the courts. These are pics taken in Rebeccas' yard of her and a snowman we built together. The one below was at Her birhtday party held at Grandmas' house. * Jan. 2000: A final custody order should be entered in this month.* *contact me directly at "" My ICQ#is6046865. *** A special thank you to Child Watch at 1-888-CHILDWATCH *** CDnow


1-800-THE LOST: National Center for Lost or Exploited Children
Looking for Rebecca: This another site of mine with more pics, and info.
Fathers Network: ...good site.
Abuse Excuse: Important reading here!
Raise money for Child Watch : by just clicking... no cost to you.
More Pictures:
Child Watch of North America: ...Looking for Rebecca
'59 Sedan Chev Delivery: Know anyone that collects classic cars, FOR SALE!
Live WEB-CAM: of Wenatchee
New photo: Becca and dad from Feb. 1999
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