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Thank you for helping bring my daughter home!

Updated 3-10-1999: Rebecca is home now. Thank you to all that have helped with her safe return! Theresa Endicott is still hiding from me and the law. Theresa (Rebecca's mother) has called several times to talk to Rebecca. However Theresa has not stepped forward to accept responsability for her illeagal actions.

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PHOTO of Becca and Dad: from Feb 1999
ABUSE EXCUSE: info about the ploys she is using
Easy Money: earn money, just reading e-mail!
False Report: This short document describes Theresa very well.
REBECCA: more info
PICTURES of Theresa: can be seen on this site.
Child Watch of North America: 1-888-CHILDWATCH
Help raise money for Child Watch,: no cost to you.... just click
1959 Sedan Delivery for sale: To raise some money.
Web Creations: By Cynthia
Live webcam of Wenatchee: intersection of Mission and Second.

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